Solutions Delivered: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
UUX Strategy, Prototyping, Android Design, Product Design, Mobile Design
Product Design​​​​​​​
I worked on a variety of projects during my time at Match.  I started with a complete redesign of the .mobi site working closely with the web team and aligning with the iOS and Android team.  Later I was tasked with what I implemented on .mobi to port the overall look and feel to Android, focusing mainly on the browse page and settings.
Matthew Hussey Marketing Initiative
I also worked on marketing collaboration with Matthew Hussey. Matthew and Match partnered for a series of videos.  I worked with the marketing teams on both sides to build a micro site video portal that would house the videos with some creative call-to-actions.
Offline Prototype for Commercial
Another project was to build a working, clickable prototype that could be loaded onto a phone and didn't require Internet connection.  This was for a unique situation where Match was filming a commercial in an area that didn't' have reliable service.  By creating a prototype based on the content they were targeting in the commercial I was able to provide an offline experience that was stable and effective to shoot the commercial.
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